Keep in mind this is not a credit card. You can only spend funds that are available on your Money Network® Account. The good news is that you will never incur an overdraft fee.

  With my Jones OneCard, I never have to worry about over drafting or surprise fees. Free ATMs are conveniently located and that's important because for me, every penny counts. I get my work study payroll, financial aid disbursement, and off-campus payroll on my OneCard. The same card is also my student ID. I use it for everything! 

One Card Does It All.

Your Campus. Your Funds. Your way.

Get access to it all with just one card. It's Easy.


Get your financial aid balance transferred electronically directly to your campus card.

Now you can receive your financial aid balance, work-study* or student payroll* directly on your campus card. Your Money Network® Enabled Campus Card gives you the purchasing power, functionality and security of a bank-issued prepaid card. Funds can be electronically delivered to your Money Network® Account in less time than waiting for a check or an ACH to clear in a traditional bank account. It's fast, safe and convenient!

How to get your financial aid refund

Blackboard Students FINAL

For schools offering multiple options for financial aid disbursement, including to a Prepaid Account on a Card that is separate from their campus/student ID.